Questions & Answers

What drugs are available on this site?

We sell both original drugs and their generics. You can choose any of them. Generics cost cheaper than branded drugs because no money was spent on the development of the drug formula. They are designed with the aim to provide everyone with an opportunity to solve health problems effectively paying an affordable price.

What is the difference between generic pills and branded drugs?

There is no substantial difference between branded drugs and generic pills. Both of them work effectively. They have the same active substance and are taken according to the same scheme. Their dosage is also the same. As for the side effects, they can take place whether you take a branded drug or a generic due to the fact that their composition is almost identical. Branded drugs and generics appear on the market only after they are checked. Buying a generic drug, you pay for the same effect without overpaying for the promotion.

Do you sell good quality drugs at a cheap price?

A lot of factors influence the formation of the drug price. The cheaper price doesn't mean the worse quality of the medication. No money is spent on marketing, which makes it possible to sell drugs at a cheaper price. One more thing is that the producers are located offshore. Generics are substitutes of branded drugs, which means that they are the same but you don't have to overpay for the brand name.
We don't overpay for the premises selling drugs online, which is also one of the key reasons why we are able to offer top-quality drugs at reasonable prices. Our reputation is of the utmost importance for our company. So we never sell low-quality drugs. Getting drugs here you can be sure that everything will be fine if you have ordered the drug after reading instructions and especially the section containing contraindications.

Why do names of generics and brand drugs differ?

The producers of generics aren't allowed to call their drugs the same. Otherwise, it would be the violation of copyright rights. This doesn't mean that the drug is a fake. The names of generics must be different. However, you should remember that their active ingredients are the same as the branded drugs have.

Why do pills you sell differ in shape?

The reason is the same as we have just discussed above. It is all about the copyright. Generics have different shapes because the producers aren't allowed to steal the idea that is considered intellectual property. Another shape of the pill doesn't have any infuence on the effect it is going to provide you with.

What is a Soft pill and how it differs from Regular tablets?

There is one significant difference between Soft and Regular pills. The first one works faster due to the fact that it should dissolve under the tongue. This is why you can combine it with the drinks and even fatty foods without any negative influence on the effect. As for Regular pills, they are washed with water and shouldn't be taken together with alcohol or food.

How well are pills packed?

All orders we send are packed in blisters. Usually, the package contains 10 pills. In case your order contains not more than 60 pills, you will get one package. If the number of pills exceeds 60 pills, we can send two envelopes instead of one.

Do you plan to add new products?

We always enrich our assortment. If you haven't found the product of your interest, you are welcome to contact us. We will try to satisfy your wants and needs by adding it to the items that are available for the purchase.

Do you sell FDA-approved drugs?

All generics are produced in India. They are checked before they appear on the market. All of the products we sell are FDA-approved. The export for generics we sell is allowed.

What payment methods do you accept?

You can find the payment options we accept on our website. They are cards and Echecks. We accept Visa cards. The mentioned methods of payment allow us to process your order within the shortest period of time. We do our best to process your purchase as quickly as possible and to ship it within 48 hours.

How do you protect my personal information?

You are recommended to get acquainted with our Terms and Conditions section. Your privacy is of the utmost importance for us. Forget about any kind of worries concerning your privacy. Thanks to the modern encryption technologies we use, your personal details are 100% safe. We check whether our system requires any updates on a regular basis for us to provide you with the full privacy and confidentiality.

Can I cancel the order?

We recommend you to check our Terms and Conditions concerning the rules of the order cancellation. You, as a customer, have a right to cancel the order but this can be done only before the order status is “shipped”. In case, we have already shipped your order, we won't be able to give your money back instantly. You will have to wait until we get the order back and will be able to send money refund.

Do you use SSL encryption?

We use SSL encryption technology to provide our customers with guaranteed safety and security. We guarantee that the information you share with us is sound. We protect your personal information transferred via the World Wide Web.

Are there any age restrictions for buying on your site?

We are a serious company selling drugs only to customers who are 18 or older. If you are under age, we won't be able to ship the drugs. It is due to the fact that all the drugs we sell mention the age under 18 as the contraindication.

What shipping options do you offer?

You can choose between two delivery options: Courier shipping and Airmail. The first one is faster and it can be tracked with the special number. As for Airmail, it is longer but it is cheaper. If you can't wait for about 2-3 weeks, you'd better choose the Courier shipping method.

Is it possible to change the shipping method?

You should understand that we are able to change the chosen shipping option to another one only if we haven't shipped your order yet. In case, it has already been sent to you, we aren't able to change anything as it is on its way. That's why you are recommended to make a decision on the delivery method after you compare their distinctive features and benefits.

Where can I check whether you ship to my country?

Whenever you live in, we will deliver your order because our company offers worldwide shipping.

What if I don't get my order?

In case you haven't got the order on the expected date, wait for several days more and then contact us. Remember that if the parcel sent via the Airmail doesn't come within 3 weeks you should inform us about this. As for Courier delivery, it shouldn't be longer than 10 days. Our shipping department will deal with the issue and will re-ship your order for free.

What should I do if I get the damaged package?

We are going to send you a new order free of charge or give money back. It is up to you to decide which option you find the most convenient one at the moment. The same refers to the situations when you get just part of the order and another part is missing. Don't hesitate to contact our Customer Support. We will deal with this issue as quickly as possible doing our best to satisfy your wants and needs.

How long will it take to get the parcel?

It depends on what shipping method you have chosen. Airmail is up to 3 weeks while the Courier shipping method is 5-7 days (only business days are counted).

Why hasn't my payment been accepted?

The very first thing you should do is to check whether you have enough money on your account. If you have it, then you are recommended to contact the company that you got your credit card from.

How can I check where my parcel is now?

We will provide you with the tracking number and the link to the site where you can track your order. This refers to those customers who choose the Courier shipping method. As for the orders sent via Airmail, you should contact our support to find out where your order is now.