Check the status of your order


By E-Mail and Credit Card:

We provide our customers with the possibility to check the status of their orders online. How to do this? It is simple! To get the necessary information about your order, share the 4 last digits of the card you used to make a payment and fill in the sum of the transaction (check it in your statement). Enter the e-mail you have registered at the site and fill out the number of your credit card. After you provide the mentioned information, you will be able to search for your order.

When will you charge my card?

First, we will process your order. Then, our billing department will accept it. After that, your card will be charged.

When will I receive my order?

The delivery time varies depending on the shipping method you have chosen. If you need to get the parcel faster, then you are recommended to choose the EMS Courier Delivery. In general, it takes from 3 to 8 days to deliver your order with the help of this delivery option. If you choose Airmail, the delivery will take for about 2-3 weeks (only business days are counted).

Can I track my order?

It is possible to check where your order is at the moment if you have chosen the Courier method of delivery. You will get an individual tracking number to be able to check all the movements of your order online. Everyone who chooses Airmail can also check the status of the order. Log in and ask our manager to provide you with such information.